About Us

IT Consulting as it should be...

Gosecure was founded on 20 march 2008 by 3 partners: Lisette Verdoodt, Koen Maes and Kristof Goossens. They had 1 common goal for their company: IT Consultancy as it should be. Our current customer base is situated in the following areas: Financial Sector, Government, Transportation, ...
Meanwhile, Gosecure keeps growing and is trying to keep up with the increasing demands of Gosecure Consultants. At Gosecure we try to keep everybody motivated and happy, this includes our clients, our suppliers and, off course, our own consultants who are the key to our success.

Kristof Goossens

Managing Partner

Kristof is active as a Software Testing Professional since 2003. In a short time frame he has moved from being a technical software tester to a Test Coordinator for technical software projects in several environments going from Legacy systems to Cutting Edge technologies.

He's specialized in setting up test environments, including the recruitment, selection and coordination of a Test Team, optimizing testing resources by automating tests and ensure the satisfaction of your customers by analyzing the performance of your applications.

His primary goal is to guide our customers to achieve better Quality and Performance in their projects both for their current applications and services as for their new challenges (cloud computing, open source, etc.)

Lisette Verdoodt

Managing Partner

With over 30 years of experience, Lisette is the obvious choice as Gosecure's Office Manager. She is responsible for all the administrative tasks, including Human Resources, Financial administration and the daily Management and follow-up

She's the single point of contact for our Clients, Suppliers and Consultants.